1. Overview of Phrymaceae genera

An explanation of why the family is named Phrymaceae and why monkeyflowers have been divided into segregate genera, with Mimulus in the strict sense reduced to only a few species.


List of all genera and species of Phrymaceae



2. Erythranthe sect. Simiolus classification and relationships

An informal infrasectional classification is outlined and also displayed as a diagram showing hypothetical relationships.


3. Distribution maps

County-level range maps are available for many Erythranthe species. All species of Erythranthe are listed, with a link to a map where available. Diplacus species will be added when possible.


4. Using names in the genus Mimulus

For those who want to be precise in identification but continue referring to all monkeyflowers as "Mimulus" even those newly described in a segregate genus or otherwise without a formal name as Mimulus a simple, informal procedure is suggested.


5. Recent taxonomic literature

An account of taxonomic and taxonomically oriented studies in Phrymaceae published mostly since about 2000 (but also including some significant earlier ones). Most earlier studies are included in cited references in the recent papers. Many of the listed publications are linked to pdf's.


6. Conspicuous problems and interesting directions (including herbarium surveys)




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Last update: 14 March 2017